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Manidhara Realty
Manidhara Realty
Manidhara Realty
Manidhara Realty
Manidhara Realty
Manidhara Realty
Manidhara Realty

|| We create experiences ||

Manidhara Realty is a premier Infrastructure, Housing and Development Company in Surat promoted by Mr. Ritesh Kheni, with vision and promise to deliver Innovation & Excellence in a broad variety of fields. Manidhara brings the Group philosophy to the real estate industry by continually raising its performance and thereby remaining the most professional, reliable, and accomplished property developer in the country. Manidhara Realty worked with renowned Astavinayak Developers in several projects.

Manidhara surpasses international standards in everything it does; all the systems, infrastructure and engineering employed by the organization are calibrated to match the best available. In its several years, as a focused Construction & Property development company, Manidhara, has established a strong presence in the Property Development Market.
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|| News and Events ||

Marigold Residency

27th September 2013
“Started RCC work for fifth building”

12th September 2013
“Completed RCC work till 10th floor of first four buildings”

21st July 2013
“Completed RCC work till 6th floor of first four buildings”

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Marigold Logo - Manidhara Realty

Manidhara Group - An enterprise all set to beautify Surat more with trust, transparency and safety. Manidhara Group is launching itself with beautifully unique project called - Manidhara Marigold.

Marigold Residency | Manidhara Realty